Intellidrive for Safety, Mobility, and User Fee Project: Driver Performance and Distraction Evaluation

Principal Investigator(s):

Michael Manser, Fmr Director, HumanFIRST, Mechanical Engineering


Project summary:

The Minnesota Department of Transportation (MnDOT) is conducting a demonstration project as part of the National IntelliDriveSM program to design, build, and test three new software applications to run on a commercially available personal navigation device (PND) that uses global positioning satellite (GPS) technology (e.g., TomTom or phone running Android). The applications include 1) Mileage Based User Fees, which will identify and present to drivers a per mile fee for the road on which they are traveling and an accumulated bill; 2) In-Vehicle Signing (IVS), which will develop roadway signing to be presented to drivers; and 3) Traveler Information Using Probe Vehicle Data, which will allow information to pass between vehicles and the infrastructure, and allow drivers to see this information. The overall goals of this project, titled IntellidriveSM for Safety, Mobility, and User Fee (ISMUF), are to 1) Develop/validate the functionality of each vehicle acting as a probe and providing information to a central location; 2) Provide route-specific traveler information to vehicles; 3) Demonstrate the technical feasibility of a mileage-based user fee (MBUF) component; 4) Identify drivers? interactions with the MBUF component, and identify the reaction to this component by the general public; and 5) Demonstrate the feasibility of delivering time-specific safety and warning messages on an in-vehicle display.

Project details: