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Turning Point: Shared Automated Vehicles Could Make Cities More Livable, Equitable

In this NSF-funded study, a large interdisciplinary team examined the potential use of shared automated vehicles (SAVs). The team examined how SAV networks could work, explored their potential impacts on society, and identified issues that policymakers, planners, and mobility-on-demand companies must address.

ABC Ramps Parking Garages, Transportation Options Plan

The Minnesota Department of Transportation sponsored the ABC Ramps Transportation Options Plan, an 18-month project to plan the future of the ABC Ramps in downtown Minneapolis. Project components were split among University of Minnesota researchers and several transportation consulting firms.

Spatial and Skills Mismatch of Unemployment and Job Vacancies

This project studied the current state of spatial and skills mismatch in the Twin Cities region, as well as coordination between transit planning and workforce development and opportunities to improve that coordination.