Executive Committee

The Executive Committee is the Center's main decision-making body. It has primary responsibility for providing strategic direction to staff and for overseeing the implementation of CTS programs. It governs the operations of the Center, consistent with University of Minnesota policies, based on input from the Board of Advisors, CTS Councils, and CTS staff.

Current Members

  • Nicole Griensewic
    Chair: Nicole Griensewic
    Executive Director, Region Nine Development Commission
  • Abdullahi Abdulle
    Abdullahi Abdulle
    Council Member, City of New Brighton
  • Ryan Allen
    Ryan Allen
    Associate Dean for Research, Humphrey School of Public Affairs, University Of Minnesota
  • Margaret Anderson Kelliher
    Margaret Anderson Kelliher
    Public Works Director, City of Minneapolis
  • Christopher B. Clark
    Christopher B. Clark
    President, Xcel Energy–Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota
  • Ryan Daniel
    Ryan Daniel
    Chief Executive Officer/MPTA President, St. Cloud Metropolitan Transit Commission
  • Nancy Daubenberger
    Nancy Daubenberger
    Commissioner, Minnesota Department of Transportation
  • Deb DeLuca
    Deb DeLuca
    Executive Director, Duluth Seaway Port Authority
  • Scott Dibble
    Scott Dibble
    Senator, State of Minnesota
  • Patrick Hessini
    Patrick Hessini
    Vice President of Transportation & Distribution, CHS
  • Lesley Kandaras
    Lesley Kandaras
    General Manager, Metro Transit
  • Joseph Konstan
    Joseph Konstan
    Associate Dean for Research, College of Science and Engineering, University of Minnesota
  • Vivek Krishnan
    Vivek Krishnan
    Global R&D Leader - Transportation Safety, 3M
  • Wendall Meyer
    Wendall Meyer
    Division Administrator, Federal Highway Administration, Minnesota Division
  • Joy Miciano
    Joy Miciano
    President, Zan Associates
  • Rolf Nordstrom
    Rolf Nordstrom
    President and Chief Executive Officer, Great Plains Institute
  • Kim Norton
    Kim Norton
    Mayor, City of Rochester
  • John Petersburg
    John Petersburg
    Representative, Minnesota House of Representatives
  • Shashank Priya
    Shashank Priya
    Vice President for Research and Innovation, University of Minnesota
  • Brian Ryks
    Brian Ryks
    Executive Director, Metropolitan Airports Commission
  • Will Schroeer
    Will Schroeer
    Executive Director, East Metro Strong
  • Katelyn Schwieters
    Katelyn Schwieters
    Assistant Scientist, HumanFIRST Laboratory, University of Minnesota
  • Ari Silkey
    Ari Silkey
    GM North America Transportation, Amazon
  • Amanda Taylor
    Amanda Taylor
    Vice President, Research and Intelligence, Greater MSP Partnership
  • Laurie Van Egeren
    Laurie Van Egeren
    Vice Provost for Public Engagement, University of Minnesota
  • Jean Wallace
    Jean Wallace
    Deputy Commissioner and Chief Engineer, Minnesota Department of Transportation
  • Joan Willshire
    Joan Willshire
    President, Willshire Consulting
  • Charles Zelle
    Charles Zelle
    Chair, Metropolitan Council