Land Acknowledgement

The University of Minnesota Twin Cities Campus, home to the Center for Transportation Studies, is located on the ancestral and contemporary lands of Indigneous people. The University resides on land cared for and called home by the Dakhóta people.

We share this acknowledgement as an important grounding step in our ongoing efforts to understand our own relationship to the land and to each other. The work and thinking we do is connected to the land, those of us living on it and using it now, and the generations of people who have lived and relied on it before us. Much of the work we do at CTS focuses on trying to understand the future—how we will move, how transportation can help create a thriving state, and how we improve quality of life for all. To undertake this, we must also recognize and reckon with our shared past and the factors that went into building this place into what it is today. 

At CTS, we are committed to building and strengthening our ties with tribal nations. Each nation has its own unique transportation priorities and needs. We aim to learn from each nation what those issues are and to collaborate to find ways to address them through work and partnership.