Field Implementation of Direction Rumble Strips for Deterring Wrong-Way Entries

Principal Investigator(s):

Albert C.J. Luo, Professor, N/A


Project summary:

Drivers who make wrong-way (WW) entries onto freeways pose a serious risk to the safety of right-way (RW) motorists and themselves. The previous project, "Directional Rumble Strips for Reducing Wrong-Way-Driving (WWD) Freeway Entries," developed and tested directional rumble strip (DRS) patterns to address this safety issue. WW drivers are expected to perceive elevated sound and vibrations while RW drivers will slow down by DRS. Three patterns were recommended for field evaluation. Southbound off-ramps on I-65 were selected for implementation based on a mathematical model and numerous WWD incidents observed in the field. Speed and video data were collected using cameras and magnetic sensors. Field driving test was conducted to collect sound and vibration data at various speed categories for both RW and WW directions. Time series and spectrum analysis were used in analyzing sound and vibrations. Before-and-after studies were conducted to evaluate patterns based on drivers' speeds, behavior, and WWD incidents. Results showed that DRS can reduce the average vehicle speed for RW drivers. The standard deviations of RW speeds were also lowered by the patterns. The number of WWD incidents and WWD distances significantly dropped after implementing all DRS.

Project details: