Places and Networks: The Changing Landscape of Transportation and Technology Final Summary Report of the STAR-TEA 21 Project


Mark Berndt, Chandler Duncan, Tom Horan, S. Handy, Richard Bolan, Yi Li, Ramachandra Karamalaputi, Kevin Krizek, Lei Zhang, Michael Marich, Bhanu Yerra, Ugur Kaplancali, Richard Burkhard, Andrew Johnson, Ryan Wilson, Denise McCabe, Peng Xu, Adam Kokotovich, Pavithra Parthasarathi, Ben Schooley, Colbey Sullivan, David Levinson, Frank Douma, Lee Munnich

December 2008

Report no. CTS 08-15

Over the past six years, researchers from the University of Minnesota have studied the many ways in which transportation and technology intersect.

Our work has explored these intersections from many perspectives, from ways intelligent transportation systems can help police, ambulance, and other public safety providers communicate more accurately and save lives, to the use of agent-based modeling to predict how high-technology workers will influence city form--and therefore, transportation needs--through their choices about work and home location. Two other areas of study are whether and how the Internet will replace travel demand and the potential loss of privacy related to advanced transportation technologies and the public policy issues surrounding privacy.

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