CSS Workshop and Advanced Flexibility in Design Curriculum, FY10

Principal Investigator(s):

Jim Grothaus, Former Sr Dir, Tech Assist, Center for Transportation Studies

Project summary:

Two interactive and "hands-on" workshops will be delivered to Minnesota Department of Transportation (MnDOT) project managers and staff involved. The first workshop is a two-day workshop focusing on Context Sensitive Solutions (CSS). The primary audience for the training sessions will be MnDOT project managers and staff involved with multimodal project planning and delivery. Training modules, related exercises, discussions, and supporting materials will enable participants to understand and apply the core foundations of MnDOT's philosophy and key principles, integrating CSS in day-to-day practice throughout the organization. The second workshop is two, 2.5-day workshops focusing on Advanced Flexibility in Design and will be delivered to MnDOT staff and select stakeholders, including multimodal project managers, design staff, and specialists. The training will consist of "hands-on" training modules, related exercises, discussions, and supporting material. It will have a Minnesota focus to reinforce enhanced understanding and application of MnDOT's philosophy and approach to flexibility in design to better balance competing objectives while optimizing benefit-to-cost ratios. Additionally, MnDOT construction, operations, and maintenance staff are also invited to participate in the workshops.

Project details: