Continued Monitoring of Stormwater Effluents from Filter Media in Two Bioslope Sites

Principal Investigator(s):

Meijun Cai, Research Technical Manager, UMD-Nat Resources Rsrch Inst


Project summary:

Two bioslopes using salvage materials were monitored as part of previous two MnDOT funded projects (MnDOT project 99008 work order 189 and project 1003325 work order 31). Soil moisture and water quality were monitored for 2 years at NRRI test plots as part of the first project and 2 months at the Highway 169 Eagle's Nest project for the second project. Because of the short monitoring period, current data did not give any clear temporal trend to estimate aging effects of infiltration media. Therefore extended monitoring is proposed for another two years (August 2019 - June 2021) in order to assist in the understanding of long term retention and stormwater treatment capacity by salvage materials. The monitoring results together with data from previous projects can provide information for the future design and application of salvage materials in stormwater treatment in bioslope/ bioswale as well as a soil amendment. Data gathered will assist in evaluating the amount of materials to be used in a mix, and the life time of the application.

Project details: