Report on programmatic evaluation at the Human Factors Research Laboratory


Peter Hancock, Shashi Shekhar, Max Burrus, R Stephens

March 1995

Report no. Mn/DOT 1995-13

This report summarizes human factors research for IVHS/ITS projects and focuses on the following five tasks:

The comparative evaluation of ITS in-vehicle information prototypes. This experiment compares drivers reaction to the use of three forms of in-vehicle information systems in driving simulation: the Delco prototype, the Volvo Dynaguide prototype, and a procedure that presented a voice generation information system. It includes recommendations for in-vehicle device designs.

The evaluation of driver response to an in-vehicle ITS technology. This experiment evaluated drivers responses to information presented on an in-vehicle ITS. Geographic databases for IVHS management. This work extends the concept of relational databases to mode traffic information in an approach that uses abstract data types and triggers.

The improvement of simulation facilities. This task describes the acquisition and installation of equipment and software to improve simulation capabilities at the Human Factors Research Laboratory and its impact on research efforts.

In-vehicle collision avoidance warning systems for IVHS. This experiment examined the effects of presenting warnings of vehicle proximity on turn decisions.

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