Addressing Accessibility and Equity Along Transitways: Toward a Mixed-Methods Toolkit - Part 2


Tom Fisher, Joseph Hang, Dan Ogranovich, Lynda Chao

March 2021

Report no. CTS 21-05

This report presents a mixed-methods toolkit for use in community engagement as part of transitway planning and design. Although the tools apply to any type of transit in any location, they were developed in relation to three planned transitways in the Twin Cities: the B, Rush, and Gold lines. The report looks at one or more station areas along these lines, analyzing their accessibility and equity issues and showing how the toolkit might be used to improve the experience of transit users. The report also describes each tool, gives examples of its use, and discusses how, when, and where it might best be used as well as who might use it and for what reason. The tools work independently, but they also constitute a single toolkit, complementing each other as part of community engaged transit planning. The tools also work remotely as well as for in-person settings, on digital platforms as well as in print, and asynchronously as well as synchronously. The tools have an educational component, explaining in simple language and through visual descriptions the meaning of the various terms frequently encountered in transitway planning and urban design, with the goal of equipping people with the knowledge they need to have a more informed engagement process.

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