Future of Mobility: New revenues needed to fill transportation funding gap

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What’s next in transportation?

The Future of Mobility series collects the perspectives of top U researchers and other national experts. In 17 articles, the authors scan the horizon and reflect on critical transportation topics. Each article recommends action steps for public officials and policymakers.

CTS is highlighting the articles over the course of the year. This month, Camila Fonseca-Sarmiento takes a look at transportation funding in New Revenues are Needed to Fill the Transportation Funding Gap.

Much of Minnesota’s roadway infrastructure was originally constructed 60 to 70 years ago and is now in need of significant maintenance or reconstruction. Because the current transportation funding system cannot keep up with the system’s needs, Fonseca-Sarmiento believes new revenue-generating mechanisms—as well as supplemental funding from the general fund—will be needed to raise adequate revenues for infrastructure needs. Examples of new mechanisms include surcharges levied on electric and hybrid vehicles, wheelage taxes, local option transportation sales taxes, and per-mile surcharges.

Writer: Pam Snopl


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