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Several of the resources that were available through the eWorkPlace initiative are now housed on the website of the U’s Transportation Policy and Economic Competitiveness (TPEC) Program.

eWorkPlace was a state-sponsored, multi-year initiative that helped Twin Cities-area businesses foster teleworking. Its initial goal was to promote telecommuting as a way to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and traffic congestion (see related article). TPEC researcher Adeel Lari evaluated eWorkPlace and summarized the outcomes and lessons learned in a 2019 final report.

Since then, COVID-19 has renewed overall interest in teleworking and made the findings from the initiative even more relevant. TPEC researchers led by Lari are studying and monitoring telecommuting trends and impacts; their work focuses on the equity impacts of telecommuting, including disparities by income, gender, race, and educational attainment.

The TPEC site now includes the following eWorkPlace resources:

  • Telework toolkit for employers (contains six customizable Microsoft Word documents)
  • Telework benefits for employers and employees
  • Telework case studies and research
  • Presentation materials

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