eWorkPlace Phase III Final Report


Adeel Lari, Mona Elabbady, Alicia Valenti

February 2019

Report no. CTS 19-01


eWorkPlace Phase 3

After enjoying significant success in the first two phases of eWorkPlace, the goals of eWorkPlace Phase III were to recruit 1,000 new teleworkers and eliminate 900 peak-hour trips per day, using the 35W@94 project in particular as an opportunity to promote telework among local employers. This report summarizes the goals and outcomes of the two prior phases of eWorkPlace and provides a detailed overview of the goals, outcomes, successes, and challenges of eWorkPlace Phase III. This report also captures the efforts of the eWorkPlace team to promote and help implement telework through events, training, and online resources. Though results from the Commuter Calculator Tool do not indicate that Phase III achieved all of its goals, the eWorkPlace team expects that promotion and implementation of telework as a result of eWorkPlace extended far beyond what was captured through the calculator. Finally, this report summarizes lessons learned from Phase III of eWorkPlace for consideration in any future phases of the project.

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