Teen Driver Support System (TDSS) Technology Transfer

Principal Investigator(s):

Brian Davis, Researcher, Mechanical Engineering

Project summary:

The Teen Driver Support System (TDSS) is a smartphone application that provides real-time, in-vehicle feedback to novice teen drivers about their driving behavior in order to help them make safer driving decisions after first getting their drivers' license. The app provides warnings to the driver by using in-phone sensors and maps to determine when the teen engages in risky driving behavior.

The TDSS Field Operational Test (FOT) evaluated the efficacy of the system through a yearlong deployment of the app to 300 novice teen drivers. In addition to evaluating the app, the project identified a number of improvements to be made to the software to prepare it for a wider-scale deployment for further testing.

This technology transfer project focuses on two main goals. The first is to implement the most important changes identified in the FOT. This includes modifying several features, determining a suitable name, and generating better cost estimates for deployments of varying size. The second goal is to identify agencies, companies, and other groups that may be future partners and demonstrate the app to them in order to generate interest and secure future research.


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