Snow Control Web Tools Maintenance and Administration, FY18

Principal Investigator(s):

Arlene Mathison, Director, Digital Info & Lib. Svcs., Center for Transportation Studies

Project summary:

This project is for the Center for Transportation Studies (CTS) to maintain and update the web-based tools developed from previous Minnesota Department of Transportation (MnDOT)-sponsored projects: The Snow Control cost-benefit tool and the Snow Control design tool. CTS will maintain the website and update the annual data used in the cost-benefit tool. CTS will also oversee a programmer to make enhancements as identified in Task 2. In addition, CTS will contract with the researcher who developed the tool to provide technical expertise for interpreting cost-benefit results, define the programming requirements for the requested enhancements for the tool, and prepare and record a webinar about how to use the new features of the tool. CTS will also market the tools through its communications mechanisms such as the CTS website and Catalyst newsletter and the LTAP website and Exchange newsletter.

Project details: