Rural Intersection Collision Avoidance System (RICAS) Design, Integration and Project Management Services

Principal Investigator(s):

Craig Shankwitz, Fmr Director, Intelligent Veh. Lab, Mechanical Engineering

Project summary:

With sponsorship from the US Department of Transportation Rural Safety Improvement Program (RSIP), a team consisting of the Wisconsin Department of Transportation (WisDOT); Village of Minong, WI; Washburn County, WI, Traffic Safety Commission; the University of Minnesota and the University of Wisconsin, has the opportunity to implement, demonstrate, and validate a new Rural Intersection Collision Avoidance System (RICAS). RICAS addresses the primary casual factor in rural thru-stop intersection crashes and potentially reduces the frequency of rural fatal and serious injury crashes at these intersections by up to 80 percent. This new intersection collision avoidance system uses emerging sensing, computation, and display technology to provide real-time warnings to drivers to alert them to conditions that lead to a life changing crash.

Project details: