Research Implementation of the SMART-Signal System on TH13

Principal Investigator(s):

Henry Liu, Former Professor, Civil, Environmental and Geo-Engineering

Project summary:

In previous research, the SMART Signal (Systematic Monitoring of Arterial Road Traffic and Signals) system was developed by the principal investigator. SMART Signal can collect event-based traffic data and generate comprehensive performance measures in real-time. In this research, a new set of interfaces were developed for SMART Signal, including new prototypes of the data-collection unit (DCU) and a refined web-based user interface. To collect high-resolution event-based traffic data, including both vehicle detector actuation events and signal phase change events, two types of DCUs were designed--the TS-1 DCU and TS-2 DCU--for corresponding traffic signal cabinets. TS-1 DCU connects with the TS-1 cabinet using pin-to pin-interface, and the TS-2 DCU interfaces directly with the SDLC bus within the TS-2 cabinet. The DCUs use high-performance microcontroller modules and are compact and easy to install. Both DCUs are designed to be vender independent add-on modules for traffic cabinets and can be used as a flexible solution to enhance data collection by agencies. The refined web-based user interface features various performance measures for public users, such as Level of Service (LOS), queue length, travel time, and intersection delays. The new set of interfaces has been deployed with the SMART Signal system at 13 intersections along Trunk Highway 13 in Burnsville, MN.

Project details: