MnDOT Roundabout Training FY10

Principal Investigator(s):

Jim Grothaus, Former Sr Dir, Tech Assist, Center for Transportation Studies

Project summary:

At FY10 roundabout training a participant may improve awareness of basic roundabout design, enhance knowledge of Rodel software as a functional model for roundabout traffic patterns and geometric designs, and identify salient features within MnDOT Roundabout Design process for Minnesota's roundabout design projects. Training offers each participant an interactive opportunity to develop knowledge of contemporary roundabout design principles for an innovative balance among safety, congestion, preservation, and multi-modal transit use. In FY09, the Center for Transportation Studies (CTS) collaborated with MnDOT's Office of Technical Support (OTS) and offered various training services for MnDOT employees and for the transportation community. FY09 activities included: a 3-day Introduction to Roundabouts, a 2-day Rodel Software Design course, and outline development services for a new MnDOT Roundabout Design Process course syllabus. MnDOT's Office of Technical Support's FY10 roundabout training plan includes: a 3-day Introduction to Roundabouts course, a 2-day Rodel Software Design course, curricula material development services for the FY10 MnDOT Roundabout Design Process course syllabus, and a 2-day MnDOT Roundabout Design Process course.

Project details: