Minnesota Community Bicycle Safety Project

Principal Investigator(s):

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Project summary:

The majority of bicyclists who take to the streets, roads, paths and trails, using their bicycles for transportation, fitness, or recreation, have never had proper training on how to ride safely. Roadway facilities, lighted intersections and striped lanes that help bicycles mix with vehicular traffic or that separate bicycles from other vehicles are designed to encourage safe bicycle use. Many bicyclists use the facilities available to them with little to no understanding of their function or value in making their bicycling safer and more enjoyable. Traffic laws that govern the behavior of automobile drivers are also designed and applied to bicycle drivers, yet both car and bicycle drivers are often unaware of how to share the roads safely. A typical bicycle rider uses a bike with inadequate knowledge of the laws and rules and insufficient skills for proper and safe bicycle riding. This project will provide bicyclists with the opportunity to receive bicycle training in a supportive environment. This training will introduce the basic principles of bicycling and allow participants to learn and practice the skills necessary to be a safe rider.

Project details:

  • Project number: 1997008
  • Start date: 01/1997
  • Project status: Completed
  • Research area: Environment and Energy
  • Topics: Bicycling