Evaluation of Road-Map Data for Intelligent Transportation Systems

Principal Investigator(s):

Shashi Shekhar, McKnight Distinguished Professor, Computer Science and Engineering

Project summary:

A number of projects within MN Guidestar (e.g., Genesis and Travlink) are developing software based on road-map data. The software developed in these projects is extremely sensitive to the errors in the road-map data. Thus reliable quality measures and quality assurance efforts are required within Guidestar program. The objective of this project is to define quality measures for road-map data for projects in Intelligent Transportation Systems. The project will focus on defining map quality for navigation and route guidance in Advanced Traveler Information Systems, within the Guidestar program.

Project details:

  • Project number: 1995043
  • Start date: 03/1996
  • Project status: Completed
  • Research area: Transportation Safety and Traffic Flow
  • Topics: Traffic operations

Reports or Products: