Evaluation of Road-Map Data for ITS


Shashi Shekhar

January 2000

Report no. CTS 00-05

Road-map databases contain a large amount of complex information, including street names, street address ranges, turn restrictions, one-way street information, etc. In addition, these databases are likely to contain a large amount of time-varying data, which need to be checked for accuracy on a periodic basis. More and more applications are based on map databases, so establishing quality evaluation procedures and assurance programs for these databases is of great importance. In this project, the research designed a prototype user interface for displaying the shortest paths from source to destination. They used the JAVA language, which is platform-independent and allows the execution of interactive software across computer networks. They also evaluated other user interfaces available on the web sites to identify desirable functionalities. Compared with the existing systems (e.g., Maponus), their system goes a step forward in interactivity by providing an interactive map, on which users can click and choose their sources and destinations.

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