Disc Shaped Compact Tension (DCT) Specifications Development for Asphalt Pavement

Principal Investigator(s):

Andrea Schokker, Professor, UMD-Civil Engineering


  • Eshan Dave, Former Assistant Professor, UMD-Civil Engineering

Project summary:

The disc-shaped compact tension (DCT) fracture energy test has been shown to discriminate between asphalt mixtures with respect to their thermal cracking potential. This research refined the DCT fracture energy testing procedure, identified needed adjustments in asphalt mixture to increase fracture energy, determined the suitability of DCT-test-based parameters as indicators of reflective cracking, and proposed threshold values to lower the potential for premature reflective cracking in asphalt overlays. A number of recommendations have been developed to implement outcomes of this research, as well as to fill knowledge gaps identified through this study.

Project details: