Cost Estimating and Cost Management Capacity Building Workshop

Principal Investigator(s):

Robert Johns, Former Director, Center for Transportation Studies


  • Gina Baas, Deputy Director, Center for Transportation Studies

Project summary:

The Center for Transportation Studies will plan and carry out two two-day workshops on cost estimating and cost management topics. Funding for these workshops is being provided by the Federal Highway Administration with Mn/DOT and the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials providing staff assistance. Workshop attendees will be invited from state DOTs. The purpose of these workshops is to build capacity for transportation professionals to implement the NCHRP 8-49 Guidebook on cost estimating and management, stress the importance of agency program and project cost estimating and management, and to share the Federal, state, local, and consultant transportation program and project Guidebook implementation advances and lessons learned (e.g., Minnesotas experience with the Mn/DOT Cost Estimating Process Improvement and Organizational Integration Project and similar efforts in the states of Florida, Washington, and others.)

Project details: