ADA Workshops for Local Agencies, FY18

Principal Investigator(s):

Mindy Carlson, Comm Rel/Outreach Assoc 3, Center for Transportation Studies


Project summary:

The FY18 Americans Disability Act (ADA) Training for Local Agencies project will deliver three individual, one-day workshops: - ADA Overview workshop - ADA Design workshop - ADA Construction workshop Each of these one-day workshops will be delivered nine times. Two workshops will be delivered in the metro and seven will be delivered at locations in greater Minnesota. Each workshop will be streamed live one time, recorded, edited, and prepared for posting to the workshop web page. The audience for this training is city and county roadway design and construction personnel. The workshops will include course materials, demonstrations, and classroom exercise teaching formats. Class curriculum may include but is not limited to: - Introduction to ADA requirements - ADA transition plans - ADA laws and rules - ADA design standards - Design considerations - Construction considerations - Construction inspections considerations

Project details: