Turfgrass Seed Variety Evaluation Process


Eric Watkins, Chengyan Yue, Andrew Hollman, Kristine Moncada

May 2023

Report no. MnDOT 2023-20



Our project addresses two critical needs: to update existing MnDOT turfgrass recommendation lists and to develop a new process to keep lists continually updated in a fair manner with data-driven recommendations. We evaluated the current list of MnDOT-approved turfgrass varieties and found underperforming varieties that should be removed. We then found new, improved varieties that should be considered for inclusion on the MnDOT lists. To facilitate a process to keep lists updated for the future, we first conducted a survey of seed distributors. Using their input, we developed a new process that MnDOT can use to approve turfgrass varieties for inclusion as official seed mixtures. Ultimately, this will lead to a more nimble, consistent, and clear process so that existing and new seed vendors can have complete confidence in data-driven decision making by MnDOT.

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