Options for Automated Speed Enforcement Pilot Projects in Minnesota Work and School Zones


Frank Douma, Lee Munnich, Thomas Garry

May 2014

Report no. CTS 14-06

Studies have shown that automated speed enforcement (ASE), when deployed in certain settings, increases roadway safety. Minnesota is one of the 36 states that do not use ASE. This is despite public opinion polling in Minnesota showing overwhelming public support for ASE in certain locations. This gap in Minnesota between (i) the safety benefits and strong public support for ASE in certain settings and (ii) state policy led to this study. The purpose of the study was to investigate scenarios for an ASE pilot project in Minnesota. Work and school zones were selected as the target deployment location given the polling showing strong public support for ASE there and the experiences in other states showing that ASE is effective in reducing speeding in these areas. The aim of this study was to develop a pilot project blueprint to inform policymakers about the potential for such a project. The study included data and legal analysis, a literature review, and stakeholder engagement.

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