Human Factors Evaluation of Gains, a Prototype In-Vehicle Navigation System


Michael Wade, Thomas Smith, Curtis Hammond

April 1999

Report no. Mn/DOT 1999-14

This project evaluated how driver interaction with an in-vehicle navigation system (IVNS) affects driving performance and safety. Researchers collected measures of simulated driving performance during interaction by 13 different subjects with an IVNS digital map display, using a Honda Acura placed within a fixed-base wrap-around driving simulator. Subjects (Ss) navigated along a maze-like route laid out within a simulated road grid. Dummy Global Positioning System (GPS) coordinates, corresponding to the position of the vehicle in the grid, were transmitted to the IVNS and updated continuously as vehicle position in the simulation environment changed. A digital map of the grid, with an icon representing vehicle representing vehicle position superimposed, was displayed on a laptop computer placed in the Acura. Under the control condition, Ss were not given turn instructions.

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