Accessibility Evaluation of Transitways in the Twin Cities Metropolitan Region


Andrew Owen, Kristin Carlson

April 2020

Report no. CTS 20-06

This report presents the results of a transit accessibility analysis for five transitway scenarios within the Metropolitan Council's jurisdiction. The details of the bus rapid transit (BRT) corridors selected for this study can be found in the Arterial Transitway Corridors Study report. Census block level access to jobs are evaluated in two stages. The first stage compares the May 2019 transit network with the funded transit network including the C Line, Orange Line, and Green Line Extension. The second stage uses the funded network as the new baseline for comparison with three prospective BRT routes including the D Line, B Line, and E Line. The accessibility change between each scenario is interpreted as the number of additional jobs a worker can reach when the selected BRT alternative is included in the transit network compared to the baseline accessibility level for the same travel duration. The remainder of this report will refer to each network scenario as the May 2019 baseline, funded baseline, and prospective network.

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