Future of Mobility: Decarbonized transportation

Bus plugged into an EV charging station

What’s next in transportation?

The Future of Mobility series collects the perspectives of top U researchers and other national experts. In 17 articles, the authors scan the horizon and reflect on critical transportation topics. Each article recommends action steps for public officials and policymakers.

CTS is highlighting the articles over the course of the year. This month, we explore ways to decarbonize transportation in articles by Will Northrop and Alireza Khani.

In An Equitable Transition to Decarbonized Transportation, Northrop writes that electrifying the entire road transportation sector is an immense challenge that will require technology breakthroughs for both electric vehicles and the infrastructure they travel on. This transition will also require careful consideration of how the system will be deployed equitably to ensure that all communities can benefit from it.

Khani, in Mobility-on-Demand, Battery-Electric Buses May Relieve Transit Woes, suggests that transit agencies use federal dollars to move fleets toward battery-electric buses and to explore the use of mobility-on-demand models within their systems and through coordination with third-party shared mobility services.


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