Frank Douma

Frank Douma
Director of State & Local Policy and Outreach, Institute for Urban & Regional Infrastructure Finance
Humphrey School of Public Affairs


Frank Douma has broad experience in the legal aspects of transportation policy and in policy making for multimodal urban and rural transportation systems. His research focuses on policy and legal issues related to transportation technologies, including telework, tolling and other transportation finance tools, safety, data privacy, and self-driving vehicles.

Douma has been widely quoted in the media, from the New York Times, the Star Tribune, and the Fergus Falls Daily Journal to the Wall Street Journal and the White Bear Press. He has also authored a number of legal and academic journal articles.

Douma holds a master’s degree in public affairs and a law degree from the University of Minnesota, and a bachelor's degree in political science from Grinnell College. Before joining the University of Minnesota, he held positions with the Canadian Pacific Railway, the Metropolitan Airports Commission, and the Minnesota Department of Transportation.