Work Zone Intrusion App Development

Principal Investigator(s):

Brian Davis, Researcher, Mechanical Engineering


Project summary:

Work zone intrusions represent a significant safety risk to workers. To help better understand these situations, MnDOT worked with the University of Minnesota to create a method to document occurrences. This information provides a deeper understanding of the circumstances under which these events occur and will enable data-driven decision making when considering ways to reduce or mitigate work zone intrusions.

The reporting method previously designed by the University of Minnesota consists of a paper and electronic web form for data entry. The electronic version of the form required a com-puter or tablet with an internet connection, so site supervisors generally complete the form after returning to their truck station. The paper version of the form is easy to complete in the field but requires an additional data entry step that is a limitation for the system.

This project focuses on the development of an app that will allow workers to create work zone intrusion reports in the field using their smartphone. The app will be designed to capture the same information as the existing paper and electronic forms but will also take advantage of smartphone features such as GPS positioning and camera functions. Work will also include a series of user tests to ensure the app is easy to use, has high user acceptance, and functions as intended. The app will be designed to interface with the existing database that holds work zone intrusion reports to allow for a seamless addition of the new reporting method.

Project details: