Vibrating Wire and Horizontal Clip Data Analysis

Principal Investigator(s):

Ahmed Tewfik, Former Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering

Project summary:

MnROAD has amassed a large database comprising various measurements that are valuable for pavement studies in cold climates. This project increases the usability and value of the database by analyzing and summarizing the data, detecting and flagging outliers and erroneous data, and automating the validation and uploading of new data. In particular, the project enhances the peak-picking program originally developed by the University of Minnesota by incorporating several additional features, including the ability of handle more vehicle types and additional file formats, and by improving manual capabilities and peak-picking accuracy. The project also analyzes the vibrating wire and horizontal clip data in the MnROAD database in order to detect and flag anomalies and outliers, uncover data trends, summarize the data in easy-to-read formats, and develop new data validation and uploading software. The project increases the productivity of pavement researchers and the efficiency of the MnROAD staff who identified the problem and worked with the Principal Investigator to develop a solution.

Project details: