Updating the 2009 Stormwater BMP Maintenance Resource Guide

Principal Investigator(s):

Andrew Erickson, Research Manager, SAFHL - Hydraulic Lab


  • John Gulliver, Professor Emeritus, Civil, Environmental and Geo-Engineering

Project summary:

The Stormwater BMP Maintenance Resource Guide presents guidance on the benefits and limitations and inspection and maintenance activities of stormwater ponds, bioretention facilities, underground treatment devices, underground detention, and infiltration. Much has been learned since 2009 about these and other stormwater management practices through field applications, practical experience, and research. Regulatory requirements have also changed as shown in the Minnesota Stormwater Manual. It is time to update the 2009 Stormwater BMP Maintenance Resource Guide to incorporate over a decade's worth of knowledge gained, new stormwater best management practices (BMPs), and management techniques that have been developed and refined, and to address revisions to regulations that govern stormwater runoff in the State of Minnesota. This project will update, revise, and expand the Stormwater BMP Maintenance Resource Guide to reflect current available practices, knowledge, and regulations. For example, data will be incorporated on iron-enhanced sand filters, nutrient release from bioretention-based practices, and stormwater ponds, permeable pavements, infiltration within highway swales, and runoff from low volume roads, among others. The revised and expanded Stormwater BMP Maintenance Resource Guide will be a relatively short synopsis and serve as a handy reference tool for practitioners to help optimize decisions and increase the cost-effectiveness of stormwater management throughout Minnesota.

Project details: