Transportation and Regional Growth Study Information Dissemination Project

Principal Investigator(s):

Robert Johns, Former Director, Center for Transportation Studies

Project summary:

As part of the overall Transportation and Regional Growth (TRG) Study, Mn/DOT contracted with the Center for Transportation Studies to develop a process for integrating the findings from the various research projects to help interpret and utilize the results from the study. CTS hired a consultant to use an application of systems thinking to integrate three of the studies six research projects that were nearing completion. This first phase of the project has been completed and accepted. A second phase for this project was proposed to integrate the remaining research project results and then to disseminate this information at the study's conclusion. The Local Road Research Board agreed to fund this second phase in cooperation with Mn/DOT and CTS. This project coordinates the dissemination of the final report completed in phase 2 of the project and provides outreach activities to local government entities about the integration project and the overall results and conclusions generated by the Transportation and Regional Growth Study.

Project details: