State DOT CEO Peer Exchange

Principal Investigator(s):

Robert Johns, Former Director, Center for Transportation Studies


  • Gina Baas, Deputy Director, Center for Transportation Studies

Project summary:

This 2003 workshop will focus on strategic leadership and management issues facing CEOs of state DOTs and AASHTO, resulting in an exchange of ideas and experiences and specific recommendations to help CEOs and their organizations deal with these issues. The format of the workshop will be similar to the June 2000 workshop. It will begin with Sunday afternoon and evening presentations on the selected workshop topics and with social time, which will set the stage for Monday discussions. Topics will be selected by the steering committee and from CEO surveys, using the eight strategic topic areas previously selected by the NCHRP 20-24 panel as a resource. CEOs will spend Monday in facilitated discussions on these topics, where they will share experiences, identify issues, and recommend actions. On Tuesday, AASHTO committee members and others will develop specific recommendations based on their observations of the CEO discussions. The workshop presentations, discussions, and recommendations will be documented in a series of formats (hard copy and electronic) so that information can be broadly disseminated and shared, with the goal of advancing the strategic management of state DOTs and AASHTO. This information will serve several purposes, including communicating best practices, recommending priority actions for AASHTO, influencing national and state policy development, identifying research needs, educating state DOT staff, and being a catalyst for discussions at regional AASHTO meetings and other forums.

Project details: