Mn/DOT Flexibility in Design Forum - Winter/Spring 2009

Principal Investigator(s):

Jim Grothaus, Former Sr Dir, Tech Assist, Center for Transportation Studies

Project summary:

One, two-day Minnesota Department of Transportation (Mn/DOT) Flexibility in Design Forum will be delivered to approximately 100 transportation design stakeholders. The Forum attendees will include up to 75 Mn/DOT representatives, 10 transportation representatives from other State Departments of Transportation (DOT's) and 15 others representing other various transportation partners. Mn/DOT management and lead design and project development staff will be the the primary audience for the flexibility in design exploration exchange, and for the brainstorming of ideas and recommendations. Representatives from other state DOT's and various external stakeholders will be included as critical participants or presenters in order to provide a varying range of viewpoints, expertise, and hands-on experience. Participant materials will be prepared for use before and during the forum. Together, the forum and supporting materials will enhance understanding, development, and implementation of more broadly informed and flexible design approaches. They will also balance and meet competing transportation related objectives while optimizing the return on investments to best serve the public interest and the overall transportation system. The forum will be structured to be interactive with the participants. Out state DOT presentations will be included to demonstrate other design methodologies and experiences. A professional facilitator will be used to lead large and small group activities and help develop ideas for developing and implementing new design methods in Minnesota. Participants will be encouraged to share their own experiences, gain input from others, and to think about the future of highway design.

Project details:

  • Project number: 2009057
  • Start date: 01/2009
  • Project status: Completed
  • Research area: