Local Road Safety Outreach Materials

Principal Investigator(s):

Gina Baas, Deputy Director, Center for Transportation Studies

Project summary:

The Center for Transportation Studies (CTS) is the lead member of a team that was selected by the Federal Highway Administration Office of Safety to produce outreach materials focusing on the communication of safety on local roads. These materials will be geared toward local elected officials and practitioners nationwide to emphasize the importance of investing in road safety. The goal of the Local Road Safety Outreach Materials project is to build long-term, sustained support by local elected officials for improving roadway safety and, ultimately, to reduce the number and severity of highway crashes on the nation's local road network. Our project will create a national resource for use by local elected officials as well as by local practitioners to help guide decisions on transportation safety investments in their communities. The project's two-pronged strategy is primarily to communicate with local elected officials on the importance of making roadway safety improvements, and, secondarily, to provide resources for local agency staff to assist in building their case for roadway safety improvements. Central to the project will be the creation of a local roads toolbox: videos, brochures, a PowerPoint template, and accompanying video clips.

Project details: