Institutional and Political Issues in Congestion Pricing

Principal Investigator(s):

Lee Munnich, Senior Fellow (Retired), Humphrey School of Public Affairs


  • Gary DeCramer, Former University Researcher, Humphrey School of Public Affairs

Project summary:

The Purpose of this project is to research the political and institutional issues surrounding the implementation of congestion pricing. Congestion pricing involves electronically charged tolls on congested roads, variable based upon time or level of congestion. A combination of research strategies including background research, interviews, focus groups, regional conferences, quantitative analysis and citizen forums will be used. Political support for congestion pricing and strategies for public outreach will be examined in Minnesota and several key national locations.

Project details:

  • Project number: 1996007
  • Start date: 06/1996
  • Project status: Completed
  • Research area: Planning and Economy
  • Topics: Economics