Development and Demonstration of a Cost Effective In-Vehicle Lane Departure and Advanced Curve Speed Warning System

Principal Investigator(s):

M. Imran Hayee, Professor, UMD-Electrical Engineering

Project summary:

Lane departure by a single vehicle on a curved road is a major safety risk. There are some infrastructure based solutions to warn drivers of lane departure or warn about an upcoming sharp curve but generally these systems are cost prohibitive. Similarly, there are some in-vehicle lane departure and/or curve speed warning systems available today but almost all of those are implemented only in luxury vehicles due to their high cost. Furthermore, most of these systems are vision-based, relying on image processing of pictures taken by the cameras installed on the front or rear ends of the vehicle. These systems work reliably only when road markings are clearly visible, a condition unlikely to be met during adverse weather and lighting conditions. Similarly, some lane departure warning systems use global positioning system (GPS) technology but these systems use differential GPS receivers with centimeter level accuracy along with high-resolution road maps which add to the cost.

In this project, we propose to develop and demonstrate a lane departure warning system which can also provide an advance curve speed warning, using ordinary GPS receiver technology and commonly available low-resolution mapping data. Our proposed system will utilize the high relative accuracy of an ordinary GPS receiver between two adjacent locations to determine the direction of travel or trajectory of a moving vehicle to issue a lane departure or an advance curve speed warning. Our proposed system will be cost effective as well as easy to implement. Implementation paths include using it as an additional feature in an existing navigational system, as a standalone smartphone app, or integrating it into a DSRC onboard unit.

Project details:

  • Project number: 2017002
  • Start date: 05/2016
  • Project status: Completed
  • Research area: Transportation Safety and Traffic Flow
  • Topics: Safety