Design and Construction of Pavement Embankments in Minnesota

Principal Investigator(s):

Gene Skok, Former University Researcher, Civil, Environmental and Geo-Engineering

Project summary:

Minnesota has many miles of low-volume road pavements. These roads are under the jurisdiction of counties, cities, townships and Mn/DOT. They are surfaced with aggregate, various asphalt mixtures and portland cement concrete. Good -performance of these roads requires good thickness design, pavement materials and primarily the embankment or subgrade. Over the years many different designs and materials have been used to improve the embankment conditions. Depending on -the soil type and natural drainage the embankment design must include design of appropriate strength to support the pavement. The possible procedures range from proper placement and compaction of the natural soil to stabilization and/or reinforcement with geofabrics. This project will look at these procedures and select the best for given conditions.

Project details: