AirTAP Program, FY10-11

Principal Investigator(s):

Jim Grothaus, Former Sr Dir, Tech Assist, Center for Transportation Studies

Project summary:

Since 2000, the Airport Technical Assistance Program (AirTAP) has focused on issues related to airport management, operations, and maintenance, and delivers information to a broad spectrum of airport and local agency personnel and officials. AirTAP is a statewide program that helps Minnesota's public- and private-sector airport professionals improve the safety, quality, and efficiency of airport operations and increase the use of new aviation materials, practices, and technology. To meet these goals, AirTAP provides: education and resources, training programs, technical assistance, access to experts, and printed resources. Through its programs, AirTAP can also help airport staff build a community network for exchanging best practices and for learning from one another. Based on the feedback we receive, AirTAP will adapt to best meet the needs of the aviation community - from the topics it addresses to how it delivers that information.

Project details: