Work Zone Intrusion Report Interface Design


Curtis Craig, Nichole Morris, David Libby, Brian Davis

February 2018

Report no. MnDOT 2018-09


Construction, Safety

While necessary for roadways, work zones present a safety risk to crew. Half of road workers deaths between 2005 and 2010 were due to collisions with motorists intruding on the work zone. Therefore, addressing intrusions is an important step for ensuring a safe work environment for crewmembers. However, a recent research synthesis at the Minnesota Department of Transportation found that few states had an explicit method for systematically collecting work zone intrusion data. The purpose of this work zone intrusion interface design project was to design an efficient, comprehensive, and user-friendly reporting system for intrusions in work zones. A user-centric, iterative design process was employed to design an adaptable web-based and paper report to account for simple documentation of intrusions not deemed a threat to worker safety and a detailed report for more thorough documentation of serious intrusion events. Final recommendations include organizational changes and support to encourage workers to complete the form and provide valuable data to the state.

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