Use of the 1992 ICC Public Use Waybill Sample to Analyze Corn Movements by Rail


Jerry Fruin, Dan Halbach

March 1994

Report no. Mn/DOT P94-6


Freight, Rail

This report uses information from the 1992 ICC Public Use Waybill Sample to estimate the rail movements of corn throughout the U.S. during calendar year 1992. The data fields of the Waybill Sample are found on page 3. Report 1 contains the estimated number of carloads shipped from each origin BEA to each destination BEA as expanded from sample data. (BEA's are listed on pages 5 to 10 and partially shown on the map on page 11.) Also reported is the estimated number of bushels shipped in 1992 which is the expanded carloads times 3479.23 bushels per carload. Report 2 contains the same information but is summarized by destination BEA. Report 3 on page 46 is a summary of those records reported as origin BEA = 0 and destination BEA = 0 and accounts for 4,751 carloads or 16,529,822 bushels. Report 4 on page 47 is a summary of records with no origin BEA but a destination BEA. Report 5 is a summary of records with no destination BEA but an origin BEA.

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