TRANSIT SERVICE FREQUENCY APP: A Global Transit Innovations (GTI) Data System


Yingling Fan, Peter Wiringa, Andrew Guthrie, Jingyu Ru, Tian He, Len Kne, Shannon Crabtree

November 2018

Report no. CTS 18-24

The Transit Service Frequency App hosts stop- and alignment-level service frequency data from 559 transit providers around the globe who have published route and schedule data in the General Transit Feed Specification (GTFS) format through the TransitFeeds website, a global GTFS clearinghouse. Stop- and alignment-level service frequency is defined as the total number of transit routes and transit trips passing through a specific alignment segment or a specific stop location. Alignments are generalized and stops nearby stops aggregated. The app makes data easily accessible through visualization and download tools. It allows the user to identify stop and alignment frequency at thousands of locations around the globe, as well as export data for cross analysis using GIS technology.

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