Ramp Meter Delays, Freeway Congestion, and Driver Acceptance


David Levinson, Kathleen Harder, John Bloomfield, Kasia Winiarcyzk

May 2005

Report no. CTS 05-02

In the current study, we conducted several experiments using both the CASP and VESP methodologies. Nominally, the same combinations of ramp meter waiting time and freeway travel time were tested in the first two parts of the CASP experiment (CASP-a and CASP-b) and in the first two VESP experiments (VESP Experiment #1 and VESP Experiment #2). The combinations of time spent waiting at ramp meters and driving on the freeway that were presented in CASP-a were the same as the combinations of desired ramp meter waiting and driving times for VESP Experiment #1. Similarly, the combinations of times presented in CASP-b were the same as the combined desired times for VESP Experiment #2. However, it should be noted that there was some variation in the actual driving times from the desired times in the VESP experiments. This variation occurred because in the VESP experiments the driving time was manipulated by varying the congestion level of the traffic in which the participants drove.

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