Parking FlexPass at ABC Ramps: Integrating Parking and Transit Options for Sustainable Mobility


Galen Ryan, Yingling Fan, Andy Becker, Frank Douma

December 2022

Report no. CTS 22-11

Previous research has found that ABC Ramps contract holders were interested in taking transit more frequently; however, Minneapolis lacked a flexible commuter program for these commuters. The current project aimed to develop and implement a commuter program named FlexPass to manage parking demand, promote public transit, and provide a cost scenario that incentivized commuters to drive less. Multiple data collection efforts were conducted over the course of the FlexPass study to assess the viability of this alternative parking contract design, including: (1) Two Phase 1 program evaluation efforts, including the first one in September-December 2020 and the second one in August-December 2021; and (2) Phase 2 program evaluation in February-August 2022. Due to the COVID impacts, this study did not yield sufficient data to generate conclusive findings. Nonetheless, the data provided rich insights into the viability of alternative parking contracts designed to limit the amount of driving. Participants indicated that FlexPass made positive impacts on their travel decisions for more than two third of their work-related trips. Seventy percent of the participants were very satisfied with the FlexPass contracts, and the remaining third percent were somewhat satisfied.

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