Moving Communities Forward: Synthesis


Lance Neckar

September 2007

Report no. CTS 07-12



This project summarizes and synthesizes quantitative and qualitative measures and best practices relative to the integration of design in the planning and implementation of beneficial transportation projects. This project examines the composite benefits discovered in four research projects under the rubric of "The Role of Well-Design Transportation Projects Enhancing Communities." These four research studies are analytical \ case studies of transportation projects, predominantly of two types: transit-oriented development (TOD), and context sensitive design and solutions (CSD/CSS). The studies focus on community enhancements through good design in each of four specific areas: economic development; public health, safety, and the environment; visual improvement; and citizen participation. This project matches key synergies of community design and planning processes to the outcomes in these cases. Highlighting both critical similarities and differences across the cases, the findings set new standards of integrative design excellence as they also suggest design principles that both broaden and focus design practices in community transportation projects. A final report summary of the study will be prepared and published.

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