ISO 9000's Effects on Accident Reduction in the U.S. Motor Carrier Industry


Eitan Naveh, Alfred Marcus, Gove Allen

June 2003

Report no. MnDOT 2003-29


Economics, Freight, Modes

This report aims at establishing a correlation between the voluntary ISO 9000 certification by motor carriers and traffic safety. The report shows that improvement of operating and quality performance improved safety performance. As part of the analysis, several ISO 9000 certified and non-certified motor carrier companies were compared based on their social and financial performance prior to, during and after the certification process. The authors have shown that there is a positive increase in performance during and after the certification process. The number of motor carrier companies certified by ISO 9000 is limited and unique. The uniqueness arises from the fact that the certified organizations haul specialized products such as automobiles and hazardous materials. That shows that most organizations are certified due to mandatory reasons. In conclusion, the observations and results have thrown light in a new direction that indicates that there exists a significant relationship between the quality assurance and safety performance of a motor carrier organization. The authors feel that further research is necessary to investigate of the circumstances under which ISO 9000 and other programs for upgrading motor carrier performance help lead to increase in safety.

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