Investigation of hot mix asphalt mixtures at Mn/ROAD


Mary Stroup-Gardiner, Dave Newcomb

February 1997

Report no. Mn/DOT 1997-06

This report presents the material characterization for the Minnesota Road Research Project (Mn/ROAD) bituminous materials. This effort will provide the historical base line information on properties needed for the validation of future pavement evaluation and design models. The objectives of the work were to 1) Document construction of Mn/ROAD, 2) Establish a series of test methods for characterizing the materials and 3) Develop a data base of material properties to develop mechanistic pavement design procedures. Documentation on construction included mixture design, construction techniques and a summary of test results. The laboratory test methods represent a wide variety of tests developed by the Strategic Highway Research Program, the National Cooperative Highway Research Program and the Federal Highway Administration. The materials represent those tested during the mixture design, construction and post construction phases of Mn/ROAD.

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