Human Factors Issues In Traffic Signing


Peter Hancock

August 1994

Report no. CTS 94-33

This work reports results of an experimental program on human factors issues in traffic signing. The first task examines the problems associated with the programming of signs for evaluation of driver response in simulation. It is concluded that growing technical tools permit traffic engineers to test proposed signage, and avenues of implementation are given. The second task examines driver response in simulation to multiple real-world signs. It is concluded that while much effort is given to distinguishing the utility of individual signs, multiple signs in combination produce more complex decrements. Recommendations are made as to maximum sign density. The final task provides an assessment of signage in future IVHS driving environments. It points to the role of signage as one component of communication. A list of issues for future signage implementation is given for consideration as the Department moves to provide safe and efficient transport for the people of Minnesota into the 21st century.

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